Daniel Josiah | Connect2Compete
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Motion Design, UI, UX
About This Project

In 2018, its essential that kids have internet in their home for school work. In fact, many of their assignments are digital. The task for this project was to ensure low-income families with kids in the home can easily sign-up to receive affordable internet.


Lead the user experience efforts end-to-end and overhaul the website experience to cater to customers needs. I collaborated with user experience researchers to conduct field interviews, where we talked to customers to gather insight on the complete process of applying online, by phone and having internet installed in their homes. We analyzed data, developed video montages of customers telling their stories, and created a visual customer journey map to visually show the good and bad of their experiences. I designed a new and improved mobile and desktop sign-up experience, one that addressed all of the usability findings we uncovered, complete with an interactive prototype to showcase the interactivity.

Role: User Experience Design, Visual Design, Video