Daniel Josiah | About
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Hi, I’m Daniel

I’m a Web and Motion Graphics Designer in Atlanta, specializing visual design, 2D animation, 3D design and User-Centered design. I’ve been helping people create dynamic designs, branding and effective communication since 2005.

As a child, I painted murals for school events, sketched caricatures from my favorite comic books The XMEN along with Spider Man, and I enjoyed building with my hands. I’ve always had an eye for details, and have always been serious about art, having a broad imagination.

Over the past 13 years, I’ve transitioned from print design to creating motion graphics and interactive experiences. My focus is creative expression with the integration of logic. From Motion Graphics and Video, to UI/UX,  I have a true devotion for creativity.

Fields of Specialization

I provide a number of freelance graphic design, technical and professional services to clients that hire me. If you own a small business, startup or an established organization, I offer experience in the following.

Responsive Design0%
Motion Graphics0%
3D Design0%
User-Centered Design0%
Visual Design0%

Additional Support

In addition, I can help you with marketing materials like brochures, newsletters, advertisements, catalogs, posters, infographics, and logo design. If you need anything or have questions, just get in touch.